Meet the Doctors: Discover why they love living in Downtown Allentown

Are you a resident doctor looking for the perfect place to call home during your residency program in Allentown? Look no further! Meet fellow resident doctors who have found their ideal living spaces in the heart of Downtown Allentown. Let’s dive into their experiences and discover why Downtown Allentown is the place to be.

Apartments for Medical Students in Allentown

Mikaeel Jan – STRATA Flats

Mikaeel Jan found himself unexpectedly drawn to Downtown Allentown during his medical studies at St. Luke’s University Hospital. What started as a temporary crash at a friend’s place turned into a two-year stay at STRATA Flats. Mikaeel appreciates the balance between his academic pursuits and personal life that Downtown Allentown offers. From studying in the co-working spaces to enjoying vibrant community events, Mikaeel has truly found a home at STRATA Flats.

Bright Kim – Center Square Lofts

Bright Kim’s journey to Downtown Allentown began with a desire to be close to his workplace at St. Luke’s University Hospital. Falling in love with the luxurious amenities and spacious apartments at Center Square Lofts sealed the deal for him. Whether he’s hitting the gym or attending resident events, Bright Kim enjoys every moment of his urban living experience.

Janish Kothari – Center Square Lofts

Janish Kothari’s transition from Brooklyn, NY to Downtown Allentown was smooth, thanks to the welcoming community and top-notch amenities at Center Square Lofts. For Janish, the move brought a newfound appreciation for spacious living and access to green spaces. From exploring nearby restaurants to enjoying rooftop views, Janish and his wife have found their perfect home in Downtown Allentown.

Breanna Goldner – STRATA West

Breanna Goldner’s decision to move to Downtown Allentown was driven by her residency match at Lehigh Valley Health Network. Living at STRATA West has made her life as a resident doctor more convenient, with easy access to nearby amenities and a supportive community of fellow residents. From relaxing on the rooftop to enjoying walks with her pet, Breanna cherishes every moment of her urban lifestyle.

If you’re a resident doctor ready to experience the best of Downtown Allentown, don’t hesitate to reach out to our leasing office. With our preferred employer program, your transition to urban living will be seamless. Join Mikaeel, Bright, Janish, Breanna, and many others who have found their perfect home in Downtown Allentown!
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