Step into the Spotlight: Janish Kothari

When Janish Kothari got accepted into the Cardiology Fellowship program at St. Luke’s University Hospital, he started to prepare for his move from Brooklyn, NY to the Lehigh Valley. Center Square Lofts had everything he was looking for: the ideal location, great amenities, and ample space at an affordable cost. Keep reading to learn more about how Downtown Allentown has been an upgrade from Brooklyn, NY!

Name: Janish Kothari
Location: Center Square Lofts
Years/Months Lived at Center Square Lofts: 4 Months
Instagram handle: @doctajayyy

Why make the Lehigh Valley home? I moved here from NYC. I am in Cardiology Fellowship training at St. Luke’s University Hospital in Bethlehem so I will be in the area for a minimum of 3 to 5 years.

How did you hear about Downtown Allentown/Lehigh Valley? I did some research on popular places to live and Center Square Lofts came up.

Why did you choose Downtown Allentown as opposed to other communities in the Lehigh Valley? The combination of location, amenities, modern building style, space, and cost. It was the perfect balance for everything I needed.

What was the deciding factor that made you choose Center Square Lofts as your new home? We really lovely the décor in the apartments. The kitchens were something we were drawn to. I love the rooftop and other amenities.

What benefits have you seen since moving to a smaller city? More space is probably the biggest thing. Coming from NYC I was used to a shoebox-living style. My apartment has tons of light and I love waking up to it every morning.

How does your commute compare to how it was working in a bigger city? My commute is a bit longer here (12minutes driving) as opposed to 2 minutes walking in NYC (I used to live across the street from my hospital). But I actually prefer this! I use this time to clear my mind and listen to music.

How does your cost of living compare to living in a bigger city? My cost of living is about the same but the added space, amenities, and most importantly parking is the icing on the cake.

How does Downtown Allentown compare to other places you have lived? I like how people in this building are young and how its dog friendly (something my old building did not provide). The environment here is very welcoming and overall “cozy.”

What part of the Lehigh Valley surprised you the most since you moved here? Coming from a big city, we don’t really have access to a lot of greenery. Being able to access parks and put down a blanket, have a bottle of wine, and hang out there for a couple of hours is something that we didn’t know we liked as much as we did until we moved here, so we’ve been actually taking advantage of that opportunity quite of a bit.

What makes this residential community a unique place to live? The location is ideal. It’s easily accessible to major highways. And the fact that it’s around other buildings with similar living styles and age group of people is also something I appreciate.

What’s your favorite memory so far since you’ve moved to Downtown Allentown? I haven’t been here nearly long enough to make many memories. But one thing I can say is that this is the first home me and my wife have gotten together so it’s special to us.

Describe what the community is like at City Center Residential? The community is young and from what I can tell, hip. I enjoyed meeting neighbors on the rooftop and interacting with them in the lobby. I look forward to more encounters over my time here.

How did you make your apartment, home? It’s still in the process, but my wife and I look forward to decorating our space to make it familiar to us.

What’s your favorite amenity space? I really enjoy the rooftop and lounge space.

What do you want other people to know about living in Downtown Allentown? That if they want a change of pace, modern amenities, beautifully designed apartments, and great neighbors, Downtown Allentown is the ideal place.

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