Apartments for Medical Students in Allentown

Discover Why St. Luke’s Medical Students Love Living in Downtown Allentown

Mikaeel Jan wasn’t planning on moving to Downtown Allentown, but once crashed at a friend’s place for a few weeks at STRATA Flats he knew he needed to secure an apartment ASAP. Being a medical student at St. Luke’s University Hospital, Mik was looking for a balance between school and his personal life. The great community, lively events, and variety of restaurants are some of the many reasons why Mik has lived at STRATA for the past 2 years.

Name: Mikaeel Jan
Location: STRATA Flats
Years Lived at STRATA Flats: 2 years

What is one of the biggest perks of living in STRATA Flats? As a medical student, I’m spending a lot of my time studying. There are a lot of great places to do that here. There’s a co-working space, and when the weather is nice I’ll go to the rooftop to study.

STRATA Flats is always hosting events for residents. Which one has been your favorite? STRATA just hosted a rooftop party here. It was great because I got to hang out with a lot of my friends. There was a DJ and great food. It was awesome.

When you’re not studying, what are some of your favorite restaurants to visit in Downtown Allentown? The Downtown Allentown Market is a great spot to visit and Sports & Social is down the block on 7th & Hamilton Streets.

Apartments for Medical Students in Allentown

Besides the co-working space, where else do you spend the most time in STRATA Flats? I spend a lot of time in my apartment. I love playing music on my keyboard and working on new songs.

What’s the best part of being a resident in Downtown Allentown? I can be a medical student, but also be a person at the same time. I’ve really found a home here.

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