Step into the Spotlight: Dimitris Kalahanis

Dimitris Kalahanis has always lived in the Lehigh Valley, but decided to make the move to Cityplace once he heard great things about living in Downtown Allentown from friends that live in neighboring residential communities. Keep reading to learn why Dimitris decided to make Cityplace his new home!

Why make the Lehigh Valley home? The Lehigh Valley is a great area to make your home because it is very up and coming with many restaurants, bars, and overall great entertainment options. There are many jobs in different aspects of work and anyone at any age will feel welcomed here. I relocated from Macungie to be closer to my restaurant.

How did you hear about Downtown Allentown/ Lehigh Valley? I heard about Allentown from word of mouth from my friends and other colleagues.

How did you hear about Cityplace Allentown? I heard about Cityplace through my friend who lives at STRATA Flats. He told me Cityplace was being built and I put in my application!

What made you choose Cityplace? I chose Cityplace because of its modern, simple design and because of its affordability.

Describe your experience working with the City Center Residential team? The Cityplace team has been nothing but kind and respectful to me even before moving in. They helped me find the ideal apartment and have been very caring and understanding of all my problems and concerns. Shout out to Robert Fox for always answering my emails promptly and always having a solution to my questions and problems!

Favorite part about your apartment? I love my apartment’s windows with the city view!

How have you made it home? I have customized my apartment by painting certain walls black for an abstract look with sleek, modern leather furniture accompanied by ambient lighting to tie the whole apartment together.

How does Downtown Allentown compare to other places you have lived? Cityplace is located very close to the center of Downtown Allentown, where you have access to different businesses and the stores are very close. Downtown Allentown is nice and slowly modernizing to accommodate newcomers.

Describe your commute to work. My commute to work starts with me heading towards Lehigh Street where I hop on 78 to drive 7 minutes into Bethlehem where I operate my restaurant.

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