Step into the Spotlight: Bree Nidds

If you’re moving to a new state, finding a new home can be a daunting task. When Bree Nidds moved to Pennsylvania from Virginia to start a new career at Discover Lehigh Valley, she quickly found that Downtown Allentown was the perfect place for her to live and work. Read Bree’s Q+A below to learn why she loves living at STRATA!

Name: Bree Nidds
Location: Strata Symphony
Years/Months Lived at STRATA: 10 Months

Why make the Lehigh Valley home? (Where did you relocate from?)
I relocated to Lehigh Valley from Roanoke, Virginia and moved for my current position at Discover Lehigh Valley. I recognized that there was a lot of opportunity to work in tourism and more specifically destination marketing in Lehigh Valley. There are so many positive aspects to the area that made it a no-brainer to move and breenids2promote tourism in the region.

How did you hear about Downtown Allentown/Lehigh Valley? When I heard about the opportunity to walk to work, I immediately loved the idea of not having to hop in my car. When your commute time is minimal it allows you to pursue other interests and things that make you happy!

How does Downtown Allentown compare to other places you have lived? Downtown Allentown has entertainment within walking distance. Whether it is a sporting event at the PPL Center, a cozy live band at Bell Hall, or a comedy show in the Arts Walk there is always a way to stay entertained.

What part of the Lehigh Valley surprised you the most since you moved here? I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of young professionals in Lehigh Valley. The talent pool here is a great sign that the valley has amenities that professionals enjoy without paying big city prices.

Why did you want to move Downtown? Was it your job, family, friends? I moved to Lehigh Valley for work — I work at Discover Lehigh Valley in downtown Allentown. I have the awesome job of encouraging travel to the Lehigh Valley, while being a resident. I lived and worked in Roanoke, Virginia and Wilmington, North Carolina prior to moving to Pennsylvania. In both places I had a morning commute that was 7 minutes or less! Living and working within a close proximity is very important to me, and now I walk to work – which I love!

What was the deciding factor that made you choose STRATA as your new home? Choosing a place to live in an unknown city is not always easy. I relied heavily on how the apartments looked and felt online, and the testimonials of residents from the website. Upon my visit, the buildings feel very secure, and living in a new place you want to feel comfortable and safe. When doing my site tour, I also felt like I was surrounded or would be living next to like-minded young professionals.

What makes living in Downtown Allentown better than living anywhere else in the Lehigh Valley? I have only ever lived in Allentown within the Lehigh Valley, and the major selling point is that I really don’t have to get in my car very often!

What’s your favorite memory so far since you’ve moved to Downtown Allentown? I loved spending New Year’s Eve in downtown Allentown. The downtown block was closed off to street traffic and fireworks lit up the cityscape. Restaurants were thriving, and people were so happy! It was such a fun night to celebrate a new year, and the new place I call home.

You have friends from out of town visiting—where are the best spots to take them that show what Downtown Allentown is all about? I like taking my guests to the patio and rooftop of the Strata complexes for grilling or hanging out as well as a show or game at the PPL Center. It is so great to have an arena so close to where I live.

What is one thing you love the most about living in Downtown Allentown? Walkability to work, coffee shops, restaurants, breweries. I can’t say it enough!

How did you make your apartment, home? I have very simple taste. I have slowly but surely enhanced my home bar as well as my dining area. I live in a studio apartment, so when my kitchen is my living room is my bedroom, keeping it simple, keeps it cleaner (looking).

What do you want other people to know about living in Downtown Allentown?
In downtown Allentown, your neighbor could be a co-worker, colleague, and even your boss. If you’re open to it, your neighbors may even become lasting friends!

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