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Silveri & Company


902 Hamilton St., Suite 150, Allentown

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8 Questions with Kathy Cruz, CEO

What do you sell?

Silveri & Company is an accessory boutique focused on retro and modern pieces. Our purses and handbags have a unique style, with beautiful and original details. We also have a clothing collection and a special selection of jewelry.

What is your business known for?

Silveri & Company is mostly known for its “Retro Collection,” a selection of purses with interesting shapes, such as cassette tapes, rotary phones, vintage cameras, and boom boxes. The accessories are versatile and provide a unique feel that will complement and elevate a simple or elegant look. Retro was the first collection the company launched. The style was a total success with woman of all ages.

How did the business get started?

The business started in August 2021 as an online store. The store rapidly expanded on social media and other digital platforms. Just a few months after the official release, we were selling to customers all over the country and other parts of the world.

During our initial period, we made a local presence in the Lehigh Valley, attending events as vendors, and had a consignment space at the Lehigh Valley Mall to establish a client base and elevate our brand. We later moved to City Center Allentown as a Pop-Up Shop on the ArtsWalk for seven months. Currently, we have a space in Cityplace as a permanent retailer.

Why did you choose to open your business in Downtown Allentown?

Downtown Allentown is one of the most populated areas in the Lehigh Valley. The heart of the city has been the home of many important businesses throughout the years. I always loved the architecture and design of its historic and contemporary buildings. Also, Downtown Allentown is always improving and renovating. The center part of the city is now being transformed into a new and more vibrant community.

Tell us about the biggest “win” in your business’ history?

Our first feature show at “New York Fashion Week.” We showed our very first clothing line and our new collection of accessories during Fall 2022 in Manhattan at one of the most popular fashion events in the country. Oscar Gonzalez, CEO of OMAC Talent Management, a modeling agency based in Allentown, is a longtime collaborator of Silveri & Company and we teamed up to take local models to New York.

The experience was amazing. We were able to create great connections with important people and businesses in the fashion industry and provide a new platform for local men and women who are pursing fashion and modeling as a career.

What is the biggest risk your business ever took?

We invested money and dedicated time to be able to provide purses and handbags with personalized designs. Initially, we were concerned about getting enough orders to make it work. However, the custom items were a sensation from the beginning. Many people were eager to buy products with a unique and personal touch. 

What is your store’s No. 1 goal for the future?

To become one of the top brands in the industry. Some of the most popular high-end brands in America were born in Europe and other parts of the world. We want to be recognized as a national brand born in the USA.

Tell us an interesting fact about your business.

The reason why we named the store Silveri is because it is the founder’s married surname. Some customers think we have this name because we sell silver, but in reality Silveri is basically our family name.

Upcoming Events & Promos

  • Official Grand Opening of the store at Cityplace on Saturday, Jan. 14 at 11 a.m. Enjoy amazing discounts and refreshments from “Likho Delicious.”
  • Galentine’s Night in February, a ladies’ night out with karaoke, food, and laughter. Stay tuned for updates on social media and the website.
  • City Center residents with the Cobu app get 25% off! Show the barcode in Cobu at the store or mention the offer during your next purchase.
  • Online shoppers can get 25% off with the code THANX at checkout.

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