Top 4 Lunch Spots in Downtown Allentown

If you’re looking for a quick, affordable bite to eat in Downtown Allentown, there are plenty of spots to try if you live or work in the city, or if you’re just visiting. Keep reading to learn where you can get a budget-friendly meal and discover which restaurant has online ordering!

The Downtown Allentown Market has something for everyone.
Johnny’s ArtsWalk Diner has a variety of menu items for under $10.
-Build your own rice or noodle bowl at Little Miss Korea starting at $10.
-Get two menu items and a drink for $12 at Tavola.
If you want your food to be ready when you get there, you can order online and schedule a pickup time!
Mo’s Eatery is the perfect dining spot, whether you’re looking for breakfast or lunch! You can get an omelet for only $5, or grab a wrap or panini for under $10! Mo’s Eatery also offers online ordering so you can plan ahead.
Wafa’s Kitchen is serving the classics at an affordable price. Try her famous chili ($5.50 for a large!) and a delicious selection of breakfast and lunch options for under $10. You can also order pick up or delivery online!
La Bicicleta Arepa Bar is a hidden gem located on 8th Street right across from Five City Center. An arepa is a sandwich made out of ground maize dough and is stuffed with delicious fillings like roasted chicken or pork. These massive hand-held treats are all under $10! For the same price, you can create a rice bowl that allows you to pick and choose your toppings. Check out the full menu now and order online!

Looking for more dining options? Check out Downtown Allentown’s drink and dine guide!

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  1. Mo’s Eatery is an amazing place with great food and great service. Such a friendly environment. Love the new location!!

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