Step into the Spotlight: Bryanna Tomkins

Bryanna Tomkins lived in the Lehigh Valley for most of her life, and she was excited to live in a city that was close to home. She also loved that Downtown Allentown had great opportunities to help her grow her new business.

“It is super convenient that my work commute is just a block from my apartment. I love that I can walk to work! My business is called Better Life With Bry and I sell all-natural soy wax candles,” says Bry. Keep reading to learn more about why Bry loves living in Downtown Allentown and don’t miss her @CityplaceAllentown Instagram takeover on August 5!

Name: Bryanna Tomkins
Apartment Building: Cityplace
Years/Months Lived at City Center Residential: 1yr 2 months
Instagram handle: @betterlifewithbry (Business) @bryannatomkins (Personal)

Why make Downtown Allentown home? It has great opportunities to grow your business with more people moving to Allentown!

Are you a Lehigh Valley native? If not, what brought you to the Lehigh Valley? Yes, I lived in the Lehigh Valley most of my life! I moved to Allentown because it was a city close to home!

How did you hear about Cityplace? Was it through a friend or online? I heard about Cityplace from my sister, Joelle Tomkins who works for City Center!

Why did you choose Downtown Allentown as opposed to other residential communities in the Lehigh Valley? I saw that Allentown was building new luxurious apartments and creating exciting changes to the city!

What was the deciding factor that made you choose Cityplace as your new home? The price for a new apartment was affordable and in a great location!

Describe your commute to work. It is super convenient that my work commute is just a block from my apartment. I love that I can walk to work!

What’s the name of your business? What products do you sell? Better Life With Bry is my business name and I sell all-natural soy wax candles.

Where can your neighbors purchase your products? You can place your order online at or visit our Facebook & Instagram page @betterlifewithbry

What is the most popular candle scent you sell? Mediterranean Fig because, it carries base notes of light musk, wood, jasmine, moss, and green floral.

Compared to other places you’ve lived, what makes Cityplace unique? I moved to the city but it feels like a small town where everyone knows each other. I feel safe and at home! I’ve never experienced that before in a city!

What’s your favorite memory so far since you’ve moved to Downtown Allentown? My move-in day because it was so exciting to meet new people, create new opportunities, and have my own place in the city!

How did you meet other people in your residential community? Was it at a resident event or happy hour? Through my neighbor and from word of mouth!

How did you make your apartment, home? I added a cozy farm-style look that reminded me of my county hometown in Slatedale!

How would you describe your decorating style? Minimalism, Clean, Homey, and Farmhouse feel.

What’s your favorite amenity space? The gym and courtyard.

When you have a friend visit, which restaurant or retailer do you take them to? Bru Daddy’s, because they like the outside seating with the lights and garden!

What do you want other people to know about living in Downtown Allentown? It’s safer than you think and it’s exciting to watch grow!

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