Retail Feature: Reading Coffee Company

When Frank Orman purchased Reading Coffee Company in 2019 with his cousin, he was excited to expand his business. Though the pandemic put some plans on hold, Orman was eager to bring his business to the Downtown Allentown Market. Keep reading to learn about their signature coffee blends and discover a special deal for residents this month! 

What inspired you to open Reading Coffee Company? I purchased Reading Coffee Company in September of 2019, but the company was well established since 1989. I worked in non-profit administration for the bulk of my career, along with twenty years as a professional musician. The path to coffee came after a career shift and a desire to utilize the “other” creative side of my brain, embrace entrepreneurship, and become a business owner. The chance to partner with my cousin Kevin was also a defining moment in how I wanted to move forward and build a business with my family. It was also very appealing to take over an established business and build it into something the local area could continue to be proud of. The past year and a half of Covid has not been kind to us, but we are holding tight and looking forward to getting back on track with our expansion plans.

What makes your coffee different from coffee shops in the Lehigh Valley? We roast what we sell. We source everything responsibly and try to bring the most out of every bean we roast and cup of coffee we brew. We also are big believers in the wonderful technical advances made every day in the specialty coffee industry, particularly regarding the latest in equipment and coffee and espresso brewing optimization.

Why did you want to expand your business to Downtown Allentown? We had no plans to expand into the Lehigh Valley at first, but we were convinced to “come take a look.” We’re glad we did. We visited Downtown and met the great people involved in its renaissance. We experienced the energy, the excitement, and the newness of everything going on and what is being built. We’re honored to be a part of it and look forward to the future.

What’s your favorite part of being in the Downtown Allentown Market? Definitely the camaraderie with the other great vendors in the Market and also the chance to meet new people all the time. It already feels like a family.

What’s your signature coffee blend? We are very proud of all of our coffees blends and flavors, but my personal favorite is one of our Sumatras – either the medium or the dark roast. They both have such flavor and personality. I usually go for the dark in the mornings for a little extra smokiness in the cup. If you’re asking about flavored coffees – our two best sellers – Jamaican Me Crazy (flavored with a unique and delicious blend of Kahlua, vanilla, and caramel) and Jazzy Java (cinnamon, pecans, chestnuts, and rum).

Do you serve alcoholic beverages? We will be serving alcoholic beverages beginning in September! We have a full array of amazing coffee-based concoctions coming your way.

What other items do you offer at your bay besides coffee? We offer the best pastries, cannoli (filled to order), pantarts, biscuits, salads-to-go, charcuterie boxes, all-natural energy drinks, cold-pressed fruit drinks, cookies, cupcakes, and more. We have beans for sale by the half-pound and freshly roasted and fully compostable K-cups to bring home too. Come take a look.

Are you offering any special deals this month? For August, come down for 20% off between 2 and 5 pm, Monday through Friday on any coffee or tea-based drink.

Do you have any new menu items coming in the fall? How could we talk about coffee without acknowledging the “pumpkin spice” craze? We have some great fall coffee drinks planned, including a special coffee cocktail infused with maple bourbon.

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