Retail Feature: Frutta Bowls

Name: Samantha Filipe
Title: Owner

Why did you decide to open Frutta Bowls in Downtown Allentown? It was a great location and we wanted to be a part of the revitalization process in the downtown area. We noticed a lot of corporate offices and apartment buildings were arising and we knew it was attracting the demographics that we were looking for.

What is Frutta Bowls’ mission statement? Frutta Bowls sets itself apart by our commitment to providing healthy, delicious food, but also by our involvement in the communities surrounding each location.

What makes Frutta Bowls unique from its competitors? We do not have any added sugars, preservatives, juices or dyes in any of our products. The way the fruit comes is the way we serve it. We are a non-dairy location. We also take allergies very seriously and offer gluten-free/vegan options as well.

What different menu items do you offer at your store? We offer acai, pataya, kale, superfood and hot oatmeal bowls. We also offer smoothies, toast, soup and an Allentown favorite… protein bites!

What’s the most popular item on the menu? The most popular bowl on the menu is our Frutella bowl.

What are some of the health benefits of eating at Frutta Bowls?
• Acai is a powerful source of antioxidants, a substance that prevents oxidative damage to our body by preventing and repairing damage done by free radicals. It has a great source of fatty acids like omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9.
• Pitaya (a.k.a dragonfruit) is high in fiber, contains Vitamin C and B2. It also helps repair liver failure and lowers risks of certain types of cancer.
• Kale contains a high source of Vitamin K and a rich source of Vitamin A, C, B-6, E folate and magnesium, which essentially gives off energy and relaxes muscles.

Do you offer catering services? Yes, we offer catering for pick-up and delivery. We can customize the catering to your needs!

What’s your favorite part of having your business in Downtown Allentown? I love getting to know all my fellow business owners and interacting with the residents that live nearby. The environment downtown is like no other and we love watching the town grow as one.

Are there any special discounts being offered at your store right now for City Center residents? We are offering Sunday Funday $5 smoothies for residents that have the Gold Card.

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