Athleisure Wear for Every Body in Downtown Allentown

Many of us are guilty of wearing our fitness apparel anywhere but the gym. Jocelyn from Metal Misfits in Allentown, PA knows that comfort is key when it comes to athleisure wear. Keep reading to learn more about how this successful fitness line got started and check out the latest product launches.

Name: Jocelyn Cuevas, Owner

What is your business name? Metal Misfits

Website URL?

Business Address: 26 N 6th St Suite 150, Allentown, PA 18101

What are your social media handles?
Instagram: @metalmisfits
TikTok: Metalmisfitsceo
Facebook: Metal Misfits

What products or services do you sell? Women’s athleisure wear.

Describe the vibe of your store. Boho Modern

What is the one thing your business is known for, over your competitors? Fitness line

Explain why you’re known for that. We set ourselves up from the very beginning. We created a community of women who could model and gain self-esteem by getting behind the camera. The fitness clothing was body contouring so it made women feel more curvy and would hide some imperfections.

How did the business get started? I created a misfit starter kit to launch my business. It was a backpack filled with all your key essentials to begin your gym career.

Why did you choose to open your business in Downtown Allentown? I love the growing community.

Tell us about the biggest “win” in your business’s history? Explain what it was, how it came about, and what it meant to your business. We have had successful drops and product launches along with different events.

What is the biggest risk your business took? Explain what it was, what could have happened if it had gone wrong, and the end result of the risk. My biggest risk was opening a store. I knew I would have more overhead than I have had in the last 4 years. I had to sacrifice my credit line to purchase things to fill up the store and sometimes that can be scary not knowing if it’ll all be worth it.

What are some of your store’s goals for the future? Our biggest goal would be to expand into other cities.

Tell us an interesting and fun fact about your business? We are a fitness brand but have more mom clients that don’t actually go to the gym.

What events do you have coming up? November 8th I have a private dinner that I am hosting for our top 6 clients. I’m looking to host a sip and paint event and am working with Bre Bradley from the Downtown Allentown Market on a charity event.

What’s your favorite lunch food for you and your team? Seems like Johnny’s Bagels have been stealing our hearts!

What’s your favorite quote, and who originally said it? “I know I am different from everyone else but I relate to every metal misfit I come across”-Jocelyn Cuevas

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