Step into the Spotlight: John James Nguyen

John James Nguyen was born and raised in the Lehigh Valley, and had fond memories of visiting Downtown Allentown with his family. These positive experiences brought John back to Downtown Allentown when he chose to live at Cityplace. John loves the short commute to work, but also can’t get enough of the great amenity spaces in his building and all the events Downtown Allentown has to offer!

Name: John James Nguyen 
Location: Allentown, PA
Years/Months Lived at Cityplace: 9 months

Why make Downtown Allentown home? Downtown Allentown has thrived in creating a culture that offers a wealth of opportunities to engage in and experience the local community. You’ll find a ton of great options to choose from: restaurants, art galleries, museums, retail shops, sports arena, parks, etc. There’s certainly no shortage of activities that can match your personal interests or hobbies and allow you to enjoy your time living in the city.

How did you hear about Downtown Allentown/Lehigh Valley? Being born and raised in the Lehigh Valley, you generally hear about Allentown (especially Downtown Allentown) a lot. Most people can recollect a memory of what Downtown Allentown was before the revitalizing that is happening right now including myself and to be a part of what Downtown Allentown is becoming now is remarkable.

Why did you want to move Downtown? Was it your job, family, friends? Convenience. You have everything within walking distance. You won’t need to drive for long stretches in order to get to work, go shopping, or see a show. It’s also a lot easier to enjoy nights out, as you don’t have to worry about a long drive home. And perhaps best of all is avoiding getting stuck in traffic on a long commute to work – that is, if you are going into the office. As we all have seen, many companies have allowed individuals to begin working from home, and living in the city can mean you may have a small space to build a home office.

What was the deciding factor that made you choose Cityplace as your new home? Affordability and Location. Cityplace offers affordable floor plans to match your lifestyle and also includes amenities you can’t argue with. The location is something to brag about- offering quick access to some of the major highways in the Lehigh Valley and the local restaurant scene reflect the diversity and offer something everyone will love.

What’s your favorite memory so far since you’ve moved to Downtown Allentown? Hitting up the Downtown Allentown Market located in the ArtsWalk followed by a free comedy show in the ArtsWalk Pocket Park.

You have friends from out of town visiting—where are the best spots to take them that show what Downtown Allentown is all about? Billy’s Downtown Diner, Downtown Allentown Market, Bru Daddy’s– all in that order.

How would you describe your decorating style? I like to keep things modern and simple.

What’s the weirdest item you own in your apartment?  Hands down, my Bidet- it’s always a topic of conversation whenever I have friends or family over.

You can only choose one: 24/7 fitness center or a courtyard with a dog park? Explain your choice! Courtyard with a dog park. I have a Chorkie and would much rather exhaust her out than myself.

Name one item you always have in your fridge or pantry.  Always popcorn.

One app must go: Instagram or TikTok. Which one are you choosing and why? TikTok. Instagram has just always been my go-to for social media.

What’s the most Insta-worthy spot in Downtown Allentown? Bru Daddy’s outdoor seating- that’s next level.

What do you want other people to know about living in Downtown Allentown? Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, there is a home for you in Downtown Allentown.

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