Resident Spotlight: Theresa Radford

Theresa Radford has only been living at The Hive for 3 months and already found so much to love about living in Downtown Allentown! From the ample work-from-home space to the thriving nightlife within walking distance, Theresa has it all at The Hive. Keep reading to learn more about Theresa and don’t miss her takeover on The Hive’s Instagram on October 31!

Name: Theresa Radford
Location: Hive Allentown
Years/Months Lived at Hive Allentown: 3 months

Why make Downtown Allentown home? There are so many things to do in the area. You can walk to nearby restaurants, bars, and even walk to a concert or game at the PPL Center. It’s so convenient!

How did you hear about Downtown Allentown/Lehigh Valley? I used to live in Bethlehem so I would come here all the time!

Compared to other places you’ve lived, what makes Hive Allentown unique? The amenities are super great for me. I work remotely so to have amenities that I’ll actually use was a huge plus!

Why did you want to move Downtown? Was it your job, family, or friends? Location. I wanted to be in a city area where I could walk everywhere!

What was the deciding factor that made you choose Hive Allentown as your new home? The affordable pricing! I thought it was a great price for such amazing amenities and being a new build!

What makes living in Downtown Allentown better than living anywhere else in the Lehigh Valley? There are so many local businesses and shops you can walk to!

What’s your favorite memory so far since you moved to Downtown Allentown? My boyfriend and I walked to Tacos Y Tequila for dinner one night and it was delicious! Highly recommend!

You have friends from out of town visiting—where are the best spots to take them that show what Downtown Allentown is all about? The ArtsWalk and Sports & Social are my top 2 spots when my friends are visiting Downtown Allentown.

What is one thing you love the most about living in Downtown Allentown? Being able to walk to Starbucks during my lunch break or grabbing an Acai bowl from Frutta Bowls!

How did you make your apartment, home? I maximized my space and made it super cozy and welcoming. Lots of plants and candles!

How would you describe your decorating style? Minimalistic and neutral.

What’s the weirdest item you own in your apartment? Probably my popcorn maker! As I said, I work from home, so I have a lot of time on my hands.

Name one item you always have in your fridge or pantry. Always have to have my Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream in my freezer! Unpopular Opinion, but I think it’s the superior ice cream flavor. LOL

One app must go: Instagram or TikTok. Which one are you choosing and why? Instagram, because TikTok is taking over the internet.

What’s the most Insta-worthy amenity space in your building? Definitely the Courtyard.

How would you describe your fashion aesthetic? Neutral and very athleisure focused.

What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe? Definitely my sweatshirt collection! Love being cozy.

How do you stay inspired? By talking to my family or my boyfriend. I love getting advice from them. They keep me grounded and help me stay focused on my goals.

What social media trends do you currently love? Loving TikTok Vlogs. Taking over social right now!

How about your go-to pump-up song? Absolutely “Fergalicious” by Fergie.

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