Meet the Band: The Large Flowerheads

Get groovy at Rock the Walk this week! The Large Flowerheads will be playing in the ArtsWalk Pocket Park on Thursday, June 23. They’ll start playing at 6 p.m., but make sure to get there at 5 p.m. to watch the opener and shop pop-up vendors. Want to know what The Large Flowerheads’ most memorable performance was? Keep reading now to learn more about how this groovy group came together.

What brought you together as a band? We met through mutual friends and discovered we had all had a love for great 60s music.

How many years have you been performing together? We’ve been performing for 14 years.

What type of music do you typically play? We like to play popular radio hits from 1965 to 1969.

Why did you choose the name, The Large Flowerheads? Because it’s groovy.

What is your most memorable live performance? Chalin’s Music Cafe near Phoenixville, PA. We performed during a very windy winter storm. The power went out during the first set and the venue went completely dark. The lighting came from flashlights and cellphones. We decided to try to finish the evening acoustically and grabbed a mandolin from the dressing room. An audience member who lived down the street volunteered to run home and bring back an acoustic guitar. Most of our performance was created on the spot. By the time we finished the lights had come back on. Everyone had an amazing time. It was truly EPIC!

Where else are you performing this summer besides Rock the Walk? There are too many to list! Check out our website for upcoming dates.

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One thought on “Meet the Band: The Large Flowerheads

  1. I saw this awesome band at Green Lane Park tonight, they r awesome!!! Songs they performed sound like arriginal artists and they connected to the crowd. Going to see them July 9th in Quakertown!!!!

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