Employee Spotlight: Bob and Scott from the Security Team

Names: Scott Higgins & Bob Glad
Years Worked at City Center Allentown: 6 months

What are your job titles? Senior Partners, Armor Consulting Group, LLC, Strategic Security Consultants

Can you describe your job responsibilities? Our firm is responsible for overseeing the safety and security program for City Center Allentown. We review and create all safety and security policies and procedures for City Center office, residential and retail properties and manage the day-to-day safety and security operations both inside and outside of the buildings and parking decks. Our goal is to keep residents, tenants and guests safe while on City Center properties.

Why did you want to work for City Center Allentown? We both grew up in the Lehigh Valley and enjoyed coming to Downtown Allentown with our parents when we were younger. We shopped at Hess’s Department Store and walked along Hamilton Street. When our company was given the opportunity to be a part of the revitalization of Downtown Allentown we did not hesitate. We wanted to be in the center of excellence in the Lehigh Valley.

Where did you both work before you both started here? We were both Pennsylvania State Police Troopers for more than 25 years each. Scott worked Patrol, Criminal Investigations and was assigned to an FBI Organized Crime Task Force in Philadelphia for 18 years. Bob worked Patrol, Criminal Investigations, and was a supervisor in both Patrol and the Bureau of Gaming Enforcement before retirement.

What’s a day like in your position? At City Center, safety and security is 24/7 so our day never really ends. We work closely with the City Center onsite security team members.

We review and create policies and procedures to assist City Center in its day-to-day security operations. We attend security meetings for past, present and future construction projects and provide recommendations for maintaining and improving all things safety and security for our residential and commercial buildings.

What’s the most challenging part of your job? Following 25-year careers for the PA State Police the biggest challenge is adapting to being in a corporate organization. Although public and private safety and security personnel have the same goal – keeping the public safe – the process and procedures are very different. We have experienced a lot of different situations in our careers, and we try to implement policies based on those experiences.

What are the most important things about safety and security you want residents to know? City Center is part of a safe neighborhood. But incidents can happen anywhere. We want residents to know they are just as important to City Center’s safety and security program as are the security officers, policies, cameras and access controls in place. Everyone should be aware of their surroundings. We all have to work together to keep City Center and its properties safe and successful.

What’s the biggest myth about security in Downtown Allentown that you want to debunk? That cities are not as safe as the suburbs. We’ve both worked in big cities like Philadelphia as well as in urban and suburban areas. Not one demographic is exempt from crime. Allentown is like any other community in this Commonwealth. There are both good and bad people wherever you go, and everyone must play their part to maintain a safe downtown.

When you’re not working, where’s your favorite place to visit in Downtown Allentown? We both like to bring our families downtown to eat at all the restaurants and shop at all the stores. Because of our position and interaction with so many people, we have developed friendships with both restaurant and retail owners.

How can residents contact you if they have questions about security? They can contact us at: [email protected]

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