Levant Jewelers Downtown Allentown

Discover Levant Jewelers: Your Destination for Custom Jewelry and On-Site Repairs in Downtown Allentown

Welcome to Levant Jewelers, your premier destination for exquisite custom jewelry and expert on-site repairs in Downtown Allentown. Levant Jewelers offers a stunning array of fine jewelry, including the latest styles in engagement rings and unique custom designs. With their GIA-certified expertise and 35 years of experience, they’re committed to providing unparalleled craftsmanship and exceptional service. Explore their wide selection of high-end and everyday pieces.

Name and title: Charbel Fustakgi – Owner
Business address: 107 North Seventh Street Suite 130
What is your business name? Levant Jewelers
Website URL? www.LevantJewelers.com
What are your social media handles? Instagram/facebook/tiktok: @LevantJewelers

What products or services do you sell? We sell fine jewelry, including the newest styles of engagement rings, custom designed jewelry and we offer on-site repairs that a lot of jewelry stores don’t have.

Describe the vibe of your store: Our store is a mixture of high-end jewelry and traditional everyday jewelry.

What is the one thing your business is known for, over your competitors? We’re known for custom-designed jewelry, on-site repairs, and engagement rings! We are certified by GIA which is a big school of jewelry. My dad, who is the repair specialist, has been in the business for 35 years specializing in craftsmanship & most importantly, we don’t deal with middlemen like other jewelers. We directly deal with manufacturers.

Why did you choose to open your business in Downtown Allentown? There is great potential in this area, and we have hope in the leaders guiding the way for this area, especially 7th Street. Downtown Allentown is also convenient to Whitehall, Allentown, Bethlehem, and other surrounding areas.

Tell us about the biggest “win” in your business’s history. Explain what it was, how it came about, and what it meant to your business: The biggest win in our business is when we sell engagement rings. It’s always special when we sell engagement rings because it’s a couple’s first big step in their life together, and we love being a part of it. Creating a special custom-designed ring is what we love to do!

What are some of your store’s goals for the future? The goals are to grow our customers, have a bigger presence online, and potentially have a couple locations.

Tell us an interesting and fun fact about your business. The name Levant Jewelers is named after the Levant Region which offers one of the finest quality jewelry in the world!

What events do you have coming up? Valentine’s Day is coming up so we have amazing deals and offers for this year! Store-wide up to 65% off for Valentine’s Day!

Tell our apartment residents about the offer you have on Cobu. Get a free watch with a purchase of $1200 or more!

What’s your favorite quote, and who originally said it? “Pray as though everything depended on god and work as if everything depended on you” – Saint Augustine

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