Chris Sheeran: Life in Downtown Allentown

Chris, a STRATA resident in Downtown Allentown, is quickly becoming one of the city’s most well-known Instagrammers. 

Name: Chris “Cj” Sheeran  
Location: STRATA – Allentown, PA 
Years lived at STRATA: Two months

What made you move Downtown? To be ahead of the curve, cemented in the next up-and-coming city of the Northeast. 

What are some small things about living at STRATA that make your day better? The convenience of having a lounge room. I adore having an actual work spot that is open 24/7 with wonderful vibes. The STRATA Symphony lounge is the most relaxing place in the building. 

Favorite event in Downtown Allentown? Events at PPL CenterKevin Hart was amazing, and I am very excited for some of the upcoming concerts. 

What is your ideal way to spend the weekend in Downtown Allentown? Utilize my downtown surroundings to shoot videos for my personal brand and/or bring clients downtown to shoot photos. This allows a lot of people who haven’t visited the city yet get an up-close and personal tour with me.

What’s the best way to start your day at STRATA? As much as I would love to say hit the gym, that’s not true! I love to start the day by blasting some music & running down to Cafe Vida for a Flat White extra shot of espresso.

Where do you usually hang out when you have friends visit? We typically hang out at the Allentown BrewWorks depending on the hour of the evening. 

What can social media fans expect from your takeover? Social media fans can expect to see a coffee-fueled day of creative fun downtown with lots of energy and exploration.

On Wednesday, February 21 Chris took over the @STRATAFlats Instagram stories feature for a day and gave us an inside look at his #STRATALife. Watch the recap video here. 

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