Find the Dress of Your Dreams at Bellas Bridesmaids

Name: Erika Berardinucci
Title: Owner

Why did you decide to open Bella Bridesmaids in Downtown Allentown? After I planned my wedding in 2015, I found myself in love with the industry. My current job couldn’t keep up with the excitement of all things weddings! I wanted to find a way into the industry with still being able to be a wife and mom. When I stumbled across Bella Bridesmaids in NJ as a bridesmaid, I was hooked! I knew Allentown needed a showroom here to accommodate brides. The franchise is owned and operated by women, which is also so great!

How long have you been at your current location? We’ve been open 5 months and time is flying by!

What is Bella Bridesmaids’ mission statement? Bella’s mission is to perfect each couple’s wedding party look because we believe it represents the feeling they create for their day. Bridesmaids are a symbol of the support and friendship that goes into a wedding.

What makes Bella Bridesmaids different from other bridal boutiques? We are dedicated to carrying an extensive collection of designer dresses that enhance every wedding, at every budget, that can be worn by all women! Bella Bridesmaids has over 55+ showrooms across the country, which makes it super convenient for each of your bridesmaids to visit their local store and try on the bride’s favorites! Bridesmaids are also paired with a Bella Stylist, so their experience feels like you are in the same city, even if you’re a few hundred miles away.

What special services do you offer at your store? We developed a software called the Virtual Showroom to act as a digital extension of the in-store experience. You and your wedding party can use this tool to share favorites, keep track of deadlines, and even order. Our brides are very digitally driven, and this platform helps keep everyone organized!

Why is Bella Bridesmaids the best place to get dresses for a bridal party, as opposed ordering online or going to a department store? We design our showrooms to be comfortable, inviting spaces where you and your wedding party can relax, have fun, and play dress up. When planning a wedding, a bride has to make a lot of wedding decisions and we pair you with a stylist to sort through everything for the bride based on their vision. They are trained to guide brides through the fabrics, colors, and styles to find your perfect look. Even if you already know exactly what you want, your stylist is here to answer every question you and your bridesmaids have, provide measurements and sizing guidance, and keep track of timing. Our goal is to create your ideal experience, so this process is easy!

What are the most popular styles and colors you’re seeing this year for bridesmaids’ dresses? We have seen a number of growing trends hit our Bella Allentown store. Velvet is all the rage right now for fall and winter weddings. Hunter Greens, Oxblood Reds and French Blues are making a statement. We still find the traditional colors will never go out of style. From blush, dusty rose, slate blue and burgundy. Recently we have seen ivory bridesmaids’ dresses make trend in our Bella Allentown store. Also, our most popular designer has been Twobirds, which is a convertible dress that can be tied multiple ways. It is offered in two sizes, which makes it beautiful on ALL body types. It is also available in a jumpsuit, which has been so trendy and chic for our bridesmaids. We even come the day of the wedding and do all the tying! How fun is that??

What advice would you give to brides searching for bridesmaids’ dresses? We always recommend coming to our showroom on your own time first. Browsing our collection, getting to know us and our process. It can be overwhelming when you have a lot of opinions, which we try to eliminate that right off the bat. We want the bride to feel they can trust us bring their wedding vision to life!

What’s your favorite part of having your business in Downtown Allentown? Owning a business in Downtown Allentown has been very rewarding. This city is alive and growing and you can feel it when you walk downtown. I am so lucky and fortunate to have been able to open my business here. There is so much Downtown Allentown offers. It’s truly exciting to be part of all the action!

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